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Crafting stories of good vs. evil, horror and the healing power of love.

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Welcome to my page. If you like stories where the stakes are high, where good fights evil and love often wins, then this is the place for you. 

Come. Journey with me into another world.

Let's travel into the past, to Hungary, where Vlad Dracula is back and he's hungry for the affections of a theologian's daughter.

Or we can stay in the present, where Jack the Ripper is stalking the women of Oklahoma City. His blade thirsts for Detective Beth Andrews' blood. And his blade won't be denied. 

We can journey back to the days of fable, where the Harlequin dances as he tries to regain his humanity.

Where Beauty meets her Beast--under the watchful eyes of the Fathers.

Or we can visit the Gallery of the Midnight Heart, where Selina finds that art often imitates life.

And if we decide to take a side trip through the woods, we must avoid a certain isolated cabin, where the occupants use something other than latex to paint its walls. 

Come. Travel with me, won't you?

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The best from The World of Myth!
Look for "Gallery of the Midnight Heart" and "Cabin Painting", written under Sarah Wilson.

From the U.K.
Now available from Dark Myth Publications!
A collection of 14 of my short stories.

Blood Atonement by Sara Saint John
What happens when a vampire is granted his greatest desire at the worst possible time?

Trust the Night by Sara Saint John
Bullets won't stop this killer. It'll take a vampire.

Our Gothic Horror Anthology
My story is "Sins of the Fathers", written under Sarah Wilson Basore.

New Horror Anthology from the U.K.
My story is "Harlequin" written by Sarah Wilson Basore.

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